Thursday, July 18, 2013

Graphic Novel Adaptations

One trend I have noticed recently is graphic novel adaptations of novels. Purchasing these titles will allow another group of students to access these novels. Many of my special education students and struggling readers want to read the popular, but difficult novels yet they are limited by their reading disabilities. Graphic novel versions of these novels remove those obstacles. In some cases the graphic novel version will make an old title new again. One of my favorites, The Girl Who Owned a City, released a graphic novel version and renewed student interest in the title.
Here are a few I recommend.

What graphic novel adaptations have you read and enjoyed? What adaptations are popular with your students?


  1. I LOVE the graphic novel adaptations for the same reasons you mentioned. I was in an elementary media center for the past 2 years and found that graphic novels were popular at every age. I had several fairy tale adaptations that many students liked. I am really excited to see these recommendations as I transition to a middle school setting!

  2. I was surprised and pleased by how much I like the adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. It is one that I have read over and over again so I was very familiar with the language and story. The adaptation does a great job of communicating the story with pictures, and it has found an audience with my students. I'm waiting for that special day when someone wants to read the original novel after they have read the graphic novel. I think I liked the graphic novel adaptation of The Girl Who Owned a City BETTER than the original novel.

  3. I really liked A Wrinkle in Time. Stormbreaker was also pretty good. I was disappointed in the Maximum Ride though mostly because the opening illustration has the girl in underwear and nearly bursting out of her t-shirt with cleavage which made it problematic. Annoying since I don't think the chapter book described her falling out of her shirt or in undies. Why they thought that was necessary I do not know. Just doesn't work for elementary school, but okay for middle school and up.