Thursday, July 18, 2013

Graphic Novel Series

There are several excellent, popular graphic novel series that I like and have as part of my middle school collection. Here are a few I recommend.

As a bonus I want to share some of my favorite notebook novels. While these are really more of a novel and graphic novel hybrid, many students that enjoy graphic novels are drawn to these as well. 

Are there any other series you recommend? What do your Wimpy Kid readers read when they finish the series? 


  1. These books are so popular in my library. In fact, they tend to fall apart, and I've noticed that the binding in many of them isn't as strong as in traditional hard-backed books. Do you know of any particular publishers who are trying to improve this aspect? I know that the deterioration is a sign of their popularity, but just wish they weren't quite so fragile.

    1. I agree. My Wimpy Kids are in shreds. I ordered several of my most popular books in Folletbound and some from Permabound. I know Bound to Stay Bound also has many of them. It costs more at first but they seem to last longer.

  2. Wimpy Kid readers also go for the Origami Yoda series, Captain Underpants and Big Nate. The girls will also go for Dork Diaries or Popularity Papers. For elementary, it feels like pushing the limits since Popularity Papers have been challenged at other libraries.

    The favorites at my school are Amulet, Bone, Lunchlady and Babymouse along with Pokemon. Rapunzel's Revenge, Smile, Drama and anything from Marvel.

    Standard comics are still well loved - Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes get checked out on a steady basis.

    Though it is too old for my library, I really enjoyed one of the My Boyfriend is a Monster volumes. It was called A Match Made in Heaven and I reviewed it here