Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nonfiction Graphic Novels

In a previous post I shared some of my favorite graphic novels. Most of those were fiction so I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of my favorite nonfiction graphic novels. I love nonfiction graphic novels because they help reluctant and struggling readers and it can be a gateway to the nonfiction areas of the library for all of our students.

First I'll start with a few biographies (even though I mentioned some of them in my first post).

Now for a few science related books and series.

A few more for history.

Finally a few that are connected to the English classroom and mythology.

What are your favorite nonfiction graphic novels? Are there any series that I'm missing that you recommend?

I hope you are enjoying reading graphic novels this month. Feel free to share the titles you are reading on Twitter using the hashtag #bookbootcamp. 

I'll share other posts soon with my favorite graphic novel series, novel adaptations and manga series.

-Tamara Cox


  1. This list a is a great resource as I'm building a shopping list for this school year. I love the Olympians series, and Yummy is heart-breaking.

  2. The Olympians series is always so popular with my 6th graders when they study Greek mythology but the books tend to stay consistently out even when they're not studying Ancient Greece. I like the Max Axiom series in elementary but I haven't seen them move much in middle school. Maybe I need to booktalk them more? I have some boys who are just eating up my history graphic novels and wish the publishers would put those out faster but I can't keep up with my students' "appetite" for these books.

  3. The Olympians is fantastic as well as Yummy. I also loved the Nursery Rhymes volume. Here are a few more that I have enjoyed: Little White Duck: A Childhood in China (review), Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller, Feynman was excellent and Persepolis too. Trickster is an anthology of Native American Tales from different authors and illustrators - very cool.